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Traveling Exhibits

A new traveling exhibition service from the Harbor History Museum—where history and culture intersects time and place. To book your favorite exhibit or receive more information, contact: or call 253.858.6722 x7



With a Loving Eye

The Photographs of Jini De Iaccio
Curated by Larry Reid

Organized and made available by the Harbor History Museum and the Jini Dellaccio Collection.

A self-taught female photographer at a time when few women ventured beyond homemaking, Jini Dellaccio (1917-2014) photographed rising rock stars, emerging models, and local families. Her unique compositions and compassion for her subjects is evident in each frame.

The story of Jini Dellaccio is one with roots in the Pacific Northwest and branches of significance that reach across the world. After attending the Art Institute of Chicago, Jini took up photography when she and her husband, Carl, moved to Long Beach, California. There, a new camera in her hands, Jini put her keen eye for composition and lighting to work behind the lens. Portfolio shots for emerging models helped her make a mark in a field dominated by male photographers. Then, after she and her husband moved to Gig Harbor, Washington, an exhibit at the Tacoma Art Museum spawned a new gig— photographing emerging rock bands of the 1960s.

Summary: 24 framed images (48″ x 50″), most in black and white, along with two 30″ x 30″ framed images and album covers; one digital frame featuring an additional 25 images on an automatic loop.

Square Footage Required: 1–2,000 sf

Availability: May 2018 through 2021—Reserve your dates now to receive a 10% discount on rental fees.

Rental Fee: $5,000 + shipping/handling

Deposit: $3,000


Teenaged members of The Sonics, The Wailers, The Daily Flash, Merrilee Rush and the Turnabouts, Neil Young, and even The Who on their first US tour were captured through Jini’s lens. Her images became album covers and publicity shots, most of which were shot on the grounds of her Gig Harbor home.


In addition to her fashion and rock photography, Jini traveled extensively with her linguist husband who specialized in Spanish Language learning. In Fiji and Mexico, Jini made portraits of people she met on their travels, connecting with her subjects—and they with their viewers—through open, all-seeing eyes.


Bomber Boys:
Portraits from the Front

Created from a secret stash of photos, letters, and a 1945 diary left behind by World War II tail gunner Keith B. Lile, “Bomber Boys” reveals the unique, yet universal, story of the men who flew B-25 medium bombers for the 12th Army Air Corps. Theirs was the story told in satire by Joseph Heller in the novel 
Catch-22, and told here through images snapped anonymously in camp and from the terror of the skies.


The recent release of Hulu’s new Catch-22 six-part mini-series produced by George Clooney has brought the 12th Army Air Corps to the public eye. Book Bomber Boys: Portraits from the Front to introduce your visitors to the real men behind Catch-22.


Bomber Boys: Portraits From the Front is now available as part of the Harbor History Museum’s traveling exhibition service. Developed in partnership with the KBL Family Collection and Bering Street Studio, the exhibit features images and ephemera from the same bomb group as that featured in the classic novel and film Catch-22. Specifically, these images come from the 445th bomb squadron, 321st bomb group, 57th bomb wing, of the 12th Army Air Corps, although they are typical of so many other airmen who served in World War II.


By far a lesser known history than that of the 8th Army Air Corps, the 12th was stationed in North Africa, Corsica, and Italy near the end of World War II. They were responsible for the strategic bombing that broke down the supply line between Germany and northern Italy, a remarkable, yet little-known contribution to ending the war in Europe.

Summary: 34 canvas wrapped images, 8 text and title panels, camp bunk set, and interactive “Fate Game.”

Square Footage: 1–2,000 sf depending on layout of space

Availability: Through 2021

Rental Fee: $7,500 + shipping/handling (includes 2 days of installation by our team)

Deposit: $3,000

Three-month rental fee + shipping and delivery, includes:

  • 30 Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints
    (ranging from 18″ x 18″ to 30″ x 40″) with labels

  • 8  Text Panels

  • 1 Large wall mural, title graphics, maps, “Fate Cards” and mailbox

  • Camp bunk set

  • Public programs and Curriculum Kit

  • Press Kit

  • Staff and volunteer training session

  • 2 days installation assistance by our install team (travel costs additional)

See the Bomber Boys Prospectus for more information or contact us with any questions and/or booking requests.

Based on a secret stash left behind by a tail gunner from the 445th, this exhibit presents striking images of the men who braved the skies above Italy, Austria, and the then Yugoslavia. Some men are identified by little notes made on the backs of photos, other images depict men whose identity remains a mystery. In every case, communities are encouraged to see if any of these men are familiar to them and their identities added to the show. Download the Bomber Boys Exhibit Release.

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