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Our Stories

Stories of the Gig Harbor Peninsula stretch through time and place. Some are stories our friends and families told us, others are mysteries just waiting to be solved. Many of these stories are rooted in our local neighborhoods, but their branches stretch across continents. Discover the many stories that can be found at the Harbor History Museum.

Harbor Mystery Museum

Unlock the mysteries of our local history at the Harbor Mystery Museum site specially created during the COVID-19 quarantine. You'll find mysterious markers, infamous statues, and even a doctor who starved people to death. Yikes! 

Collections Corner Videos

Ever wonder what's hidden in the deep, dark storage room at the Harbor History Museum? Here are a few sneak peeks at the wild and wonderful objects in our collection. 

> Video Links coming soon!

HHM Storytime

With in-person story time not possible right now, we invite you to listen and watch some of our favorite stories recorded just for our youngest museum goers. 

So Many Fish (Coming Soon!)

Per and the Dala Horse (Coming Soon!)

How'd They Do that? 

These videos provide a glimpse into amazing museum feats like moving the 65-foot Shenandoah to the museum site and diving the remains of the first Narrows Bridge!

Watch now: 

Shenandoah Comes Home

Ever wonder how to move a boat through town? Here's how it happened in 2003.

700 Feet Down (Trailer)

Get a peek at the new film being made about the collapse of Galloping Gertie and diving down 200 feet to film her remains.

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